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New Techkon RS400 Scan Densitometer

New Techkon RS400 Scan Densitometer
New Techkon RS400 Scan Densitometer
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Scan-Densitometer RS 400

The compact scanning devices revolutionize automatic measurements of densities and dot gains on any print control strip, color wedge or test chart. Operation is easy: The ergonomically designed instrument fits securely in your hand. Quickly glide it over the print test strip. Tracking wheels on the bottom of the device ensure a straight run.

Two different models are at your choice: The scan-densitometer RS 400 finds its application preferably in 4-color printing and the scan-spectrometer RS 800 is especially designed for measuring spot colors thanks to its high-resolution spectral engine.

The Windows software TECHKON ExPresso takes the measurement values and displays the ink-zone specific densitiy values at a glance on a computer screen. This permits fast and precise control of printing presses, thus enabling shorter set-up times, less paper waste and high print quality.

On large-format print sheets, the device can be guided along a guiding track. This is now available in a motorized version as well. The linear track LT can be placed on any table without mounting, thus facilitating system installation even more.


Measurement method:
  RS 400: color density measurement with filters according to DIN 16535
Measurement geometry:
  0/45° optics according to DIN 5033
Measurement aperture:
  3 x 1,5 mm
Measurement light:
  Gas filled lamp, type A
Polarization filter:
  2 x linear (optionally without)
Scan parameters:
  Scanning speed max. 150 mm/s
Smallest measurement field width 3 mm
Density standard:
  DIN 16536 (other filters optional)
Measurement range:
  0.00 – 2.50 D
  +- 0.005 D
Power Supply:
  AC Adapter 110 – 240 V, 47 – 63 Hz
  Serial RS 232, 115 kBaud
Dimensions / Weight:
  50 x 75 x 135 mm, 350 grams
  Software TECHKON ExPresso
Software TECHKON ExPresso Pro
Print Control Strip TCS Digital
Print Control Strip TCS Film
Guidance Track AS
Linear Track LT
Measuring Plate MP