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New X-Rite DensiEye 700

New X-Rite DensiEye 700
New X-Rite DensiEye 700
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Brand: X-Rite
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The DensiEye 700 is ideal for the pressroom and 4-color CMYK printing. DensiEye portable reflection densitometer can measure all of the critical factors in the printing process to help set up the press quicker and recognize mistakes before they get out of control. With its fully automated functions and clear pass/fail indicator, DensiEye will enhance your productivity, while requiring only basic know-how about print quality control.
A fully automated 4 channel densitometer for CMYK measurement. This device is Non-Polarized and has a large Aperture. It measures up to density 3 and includes the full set of functionality to measure density, dot gain, dot area, trapping, gray balance and print characteristics. The optional small aperture and polarization filter makes this unit ideal for the newspaper and magazine printing markets.

Product Features:
  • Includes all necessary functions for measurement including density, dot, gain, dot area, trapping, gray balance and print characteristic measurement.
  • Clear pass/fail indicator lets you quickly see results and get on to the next measurement.
  • Fully automatic function and automatic patch type recognition minimize operator errors, ensuring accurate results every time.
  • Extremely fast measurement time helps you get the job done quicker.
  • Graphical display makes it easy to navigate to the right function and visualize results.

Measurement Functions
Density (incl. Difference)
Gray Balance (incl. Difference)
Dot gain
Dot area
Print characteristic line
Automatic color recognition
Automatic patch type recognition (Solid, Halftone, Trapping Patch, Gray Balance)
Automatic paper white recognition
References Sets (incl. Solids, Dot Gain, Gray Balance) 6 sets
Density Calibration
Pass/Fail indicator
Corrective advise
Absolute / relative White base

Measurement technology
Illumination 3 LED (RGB)
Measurement geometry 45°/0°
Receiver Photodiode
Measurement Aperture 3 mm or 1.6 mm
Polarization filter With or Without
Density Standards (Filter Sets) Status I, E or T (according to ISO 5-3)
Measurement range 0,00 – 3,00 D
Linearity ± 0,01 D or ± 1%
Repeatability 0,00 – 2,50 D: ± 0,01 D or ± 1% max.
2,50 – 3,00 D: ± 0,03 D or ± 3% max.
Inter instrument agreement