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ImagiNail NailJet Pro - use your imagination design

ImagiNail NailJet Pro - use your imagination design
ImagiNail NailJet Pro - use your imagination design
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Product Code: NailJet Pro - use your imagination design
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Product Description

Unlimited Creativity

The NailJet Pro can apply millions of colors and virtually unlimited nail fashion. From mild to wild, there is something to please every taste. The only limiting factor is your imagination. Thousands of images are built into the system and you can even add your own artwork or digital photographs! Conservative images are fast and easy too, from French designs to subtle shadings and color gradients. Nail fashions may be enhanced with rhinestones, glitter or other artistic embellishments -- just use your imagination! With a NailJet Pro you can:

  • Match designer clothing and accessories colors and patterns on nails
  • Print photographs directly
  • Apply school and sports logos
  • Create French designs
  • Design virtually any fashion you can imagine!

How the System Works

The system is simple to learn and easy use. It works on any type of nail, natural or artificial. In the same time as a simple polish change you can now thrill your clients with fabulous nail fashions and earn up to four times the revenue!

The application process is fast, clean and easy. It is as simple as
1, 2, 3.

  1. Apply prep coats at the nail table.
  2. Select the desired nail fashion art and place the hand in the NailJet Pro. The system automatically detects the size and shape of the nails. Push "Print".
  3. Apply sealer to protect the nail fashion design and add shine.

What is Included

The NailJet Pro comes with everything you need including a starter set of coatings and ink. In the box you will find the NailJet Pro with keyboard, mouse, user guide, instruction video, art selection book, and posters.

Monitor not included - sold separately.


The NailJet Pro is covered by our manufacturer's one year warranty plan. If you should experience a problem that cannot be corrected over the telephone, you will be authorized to ship your NailJet Pro to us for repair. We will correct the problem and ship unit back to you. You pay only shipping costs.

Coatings and Cartridges

NailJet Pro replacement coatings and color cartridges are available from your favorite distributor. Each cartridge will service approximately 2,000 nails, or 200 full sets.

The system requires 3 prep coatings and a final protective coating: Base Coat to prep natural nails, Canvas Coat® to provide the background for the art, and IRC® that allows the NailJet Pro colors to adhere to the nail. After the image is placed on the nail, a top coat is required to protect and preserve the image.

Warranty Information

1 year